Door Closer Repair Services

Our company is dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of high-quality door closer repair and installation services that you can depend on. As we realize the importance of ensuring your doors function correctly and securely, we strive to provide efficient and effective solutions to keep your doors closing smoothly and safely.

Door Closer Repair

Door Closer Repair

Are you tired of dealing with an oily, slamming door closer that won’t close properly or makes irritating noises? Look no further! Our team provides top-notch installation and routine maintenance services for hydraulic door closers to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability. With our focus on customer satisfaction, we guarantee that our services will exceed your expectations. You no longer have to waste your time with faulty door closers that can cause inconvenience. Trust our skilled professionals to handle all your hydraulic door closer needs. Contact us now to schedule an appointment for our exceptional installation or maintenance services. We promise, you won’t regret it!

Installation of Door Closers

Any business or industrial facility must have hydraulic (oil pressure field) door closers. They ensure that the door closes securely and consistently by providing a regulated and smooth closure. They are also perfect for use in locations like retail stores, restaurants, and other public spaces where there is a lot of human traffic activity.

To keep your doors operating at peak efficiency and to increase their lifespan, we also provide routine maintenance services. You can rely on us to deliver dependable and high-quality service for all of your hydraulic door closer needs because of our dedication to client satisfaction. To arrange for an installation or maintenance service for your hydraulic door closer, contact us right now.

Door Closer Installation
Door Closer Replacement

Door Closer Replacement

Hydraulic door closers are a crucial component of any business or industrial facility, ensuring secure and consistent closure for public spaces with high traffic. At our company, we not only provide installation services for hydraulic door closers but also offer routine maintenance to keep them running efficiently and extend their lifespan. Our commitment to client satisfaction guarantees dependable and high-quality service. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for installation or maintenance of your hydraulic door closer.

Services for commercial door closer repair and installation

Our commitment to client satisfaction guarantees dependable and high-quality service. Contact us today to schedule your installation or maintenance service for hydraulic door closers.

To keep your doors operating at peak efficiency and to increase their lifespan, we also provide routine maintenance services. You can rely on us to deliver dependable and high-quality service for all of your hydraulic door closer needs because of our dedication to client satisfaction. To arrange for an installation or maintenance service for your hydraulic door closer, contact us right now.

Commercial Door Closer Repair

What Do We Offer

We take pride in providing a wide variety of door closer repair services to our clients. Our skilled professionals are capable of working on numerous door types!

Repairs for door closers

replacement door closers

installation of door closers

Repairing an automatic door closer

Commercial door closers are repaired.

Door closer at home Repairing 

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Door Closer Installation Options

Installing door closers is an essential part of keeping your industrial or commercial facility safe and secure. It makes sure that the doors automatically and securely close, blocking draughts and unlawful entry.

Our business is committed to offering customers expert door closer installation services. Hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical door closers may all be installed by our team of skilled specialists, who are completely prepared to do so. To guarantee that your door closers are fitted to the greatest standard, we only utilize items of the highest caliber and the most recent technology.

We understand the importance of minimizing disruptions to your business, so we work quickly and efficiently to complete the installation with minimal downtime. We also provide regular maintenance services to ensure that your door closers are always working at optimal performance.

If you are in need of door closer installation services, contact us today. Our team will be happy to provide a consultation, assess your needs and give you an upfront quote

Door Cloer Types For your Requierment

Medium Duty Door Closers

Medium-Duty Door Closers 

Designed for light-weight doors such as storefront doors or metal hollow doors:

  • LCN 1450 Series Closers
  • LCN 1260 Series Closers
  • LCN 1250 Series Closers

Allegion Falcon is the most affordable long-last door closer we recommend.

Heavy Duty Door Closers 

Heavy-duty Duty closers

 Durable and Designed for Heavy Doors, High Traffic Areas and Commercial Facilities 

  • Allegion 4040XP Series Closers 
  • Allegion 4000T Series Closers
  • Allegion 4030 Series Closers
for Heavy duty  Door Closer 4040XP Allegion is the most popular hardware on the market.
Concealed Door Closers

Concealed Door Closers

Are Designed for Heavy Full Glass Doors (Frameless) The door is required to be removed to replace a closer like that.

  • Dorma RTS-88
  • CRL Jackson® Overhead
  • Norton® Overhead Concealed Door Closers

why to Install a Door Closer?

A mechanical device called a door closer is put on a door to control closing speed and make sure that it always closes securely. The mechanism closes the door at a regulated rate by releasing energy that was stored when the door was opened. Door closers are available in a range of shapes and sizes to fit various door types and uses, and can be surface-mounted or hidden within the door frame.

Hydraulic door closers employ a cylinder filled with fluid to regulate the pace at which the door closes. They are frequently utilized in high-traffic locations and are renowned for their quiet and seamless functioning.
Pneumatic door closers regulate the pace at which the door closes by using compressed air. They are frequently employed in light-duty applications and are renowned for their light-touch operation.
The pace at which mechanical door closers close doors is controlled by a spring mechanism. They are frequently utilized in heavy-duty applications and are renowned for their endurance.

Door closers are frequently employed in commercial, industrial, and public facilities and are crucial for preserving the security and safety of any structure. 

The Benefits of Using a Door Closer?

Utilizing door closers has various advantages, some of which are as follows:

Door closers aid in maintaining building security by ensuring that doors always close tightly.

Door closers can assist save heating and cooling expenses by preventing draughts from entering the building.

Safety: Door closers, particularly in high-traffic areas, can stop injuries from doors slamming shut.

Convenience: Door closers provide for a regulated and smooth door closure, which makes it simple for individuals to enter and depart the facility.

Compliance: with building codes and regulations: For the sake of safety and security, many building laws and regulations call for the installation of door closers in commercial and public buildings.

Durability: Since door closers are long-lasting and made to resist severe use, you may end up spending less money on replacements in the long term.

Accessibility: By offering a gradual, controlled shutting of the door, door closers may be employed to make the building accessible for individuals with impairments.

Door closers are simple to install and maintain, which may help you save on labor expenses and limit business disruptions.

Why Choose us?

When you are locked out of your home either because you forgot your keys inside the door or kilometers away, you need to contact our team. Integrum Locksmith & Doors will use modern technology to get you into your home and turn your lockout from a major problem into a minor inconvenience, without damaging your property.

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What kind of door you have and your needs would decide that. Since not all door closers are created equal, but still choosing the appropriate one is very important. Which closer is most appropriate depends on a number of variables, including door size, weight, and type. There are numerous different varieties of closers, but surface-mounted ones are the most popular.

You can simply get in touch with Integrum Locksmith in Toronto and we can assist you in selecting the right one for your needs.

The back check prevents the door from opening more than 70° to 180°. The back check mechanism lessens the probability of damage that can be made with an adjacent wall or obstruction when doors are opened violently by wind or pedestrians. This facility protects individuals and property at high-traffic entrances to public buildings, institutions, and schools.

The distance traveled by the door from the moment it begins to close until it hits its latch point is known as the closing speed. This falls somewhere between 180° and 10°. Depending on the situation, the closer’s speed can be changed to either slow down or speed up the door’s closing.

The final 10 degrees of a door closing before it is completely shut is known as the latching zone. This part usually needs adjusting when a door is slamming or not shutting completely.

The door closer’s capacity to “Hold Open” the door in the open position. The majority of overhead door closers accomplish this task using a unique sort of arm (Hold Open Arm). Depending on the brand and model, these can frequently be added to an existing door closer.

Depending on the type of door and how often it is used, lubrication is necessary once every six months to once a year. The worn surface between door closers and hinges should have some drops of penetrating oil applied at the top.

Your door closer should last you 10 to 15 years if you take care of it properly before it needs to be replaced.

A door closer will make sure the door closes after opening, enabling the locking mechanism to work and secure the door. For secure closure, controlled door-closing devices must be installed on doors with electric locks, electric strikes, or maglocks.

The closer should, whenever possible, be located inside the building for doors that are installed in exterior locations. Closers are usually requested to be positioned on the side of interior openings that are least visible to the public. In this way, they will be hidden from view in public locations while still serving their essential purpose.

The best option for entries with low- to medium-traffic is surface-mounted closers, which are usually used for aluminum storefront doors. Additionally, they are quite affordable and relatively simple to install, requiring minimum cutting or drilling. The best places to install overhead concealed door closers are in areas with moderate to high traffic.