Panic Bar Exit Devices

Are you looking for Panic Bars and Push Bars Installation in the Trust our team of pros to fix and install panic bars the same day.

Panic bars, which are also called crash bars, push bars, exit bars, or Emergency Exit Devices, do the same thing: they make it easy to get out of a building quickly in case of an emergency. In public places like schools, hospitals, bars, workplaces, shopping malls, and government buildings, you have to wear one.

Panic Bar Repair

Are you looking for reliable and professional assistance to fix and set up panic bars on your doors? Look no further! Our expert team has years of experience handling such situations and can efficiently diagnose and remedy any issues related to panic bars. We understand that panic bars play a critical role in ensuring the safety of your employees and customers in case of emergency situations. Therefore, we use only the best quality materials and tools to ensure that your panic bars are functioning smoothly and effectively. Moreover, our team is available round the clock to provide emergency assistance whenever it’s needed. So, why wait? Contact us now to schedule an appointment and get your panic bars fixed and set up in no time!

Panic bar Installation

The skilled professionals at Integrum Locksmith and Doors are experts at installing panic bars that will make your business safer. Our quick-exit options are carefully made to fit with building codes, making sure that security and mobility work together perfectly.

We’re proud of the fact that we can install and fix panic bars professionally. Our methods strictly follow the ADA rules as well as building and fire safety laws. We’re happy to work with the top makers in the field, such as

  • Von Duprin
  • Adams Rite
  • Falcon
  • Detex
  • Dorma
  • Yale
  • Sargent
  • Corbin Russwin
  • Hager
  • Jackson/CRL

When choosing panic bar hardware, there are critical factors you need to consider:

Compliance – Standards and Certifications: Verify whether the hardware meets industry standards and certifications, particularly if specific regional or industry requirements are in place.

Functionality – Compatibility: Assure that the hardware seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure or systems it needs to interact with. For instance, if selecting door hardware, ensure it aligns impeccably with the door frame and latch mechanism.

Security: If the hardware is intended to provide security features like locks or access control systems, it should boast a design resistant to tampering and unauthorized access.

Our expertise encompasses a wide range of door types, including single or double doors, glass, metal, aluminum, wood, and heavy-duty doors.

Operational Choices Abound:

  • Panic bars with alarm functionality
  • Rim Exit Devices
  • Mortise Exit Devices
  • Vertical Rod Exit Devices
  • Panic bars paired with electric strikes
  • Panic bars featuring keypads
  • Touch bar or crossbar panic arms
  • Diverse panic bar trims for various designs and applications
  • Panic bars adaptable to varying mounting heights
  • Vertical rod panic bars
  • Integration of access control systems with panic bar

Integrum Locksmith and Doors is your trusted partner for panic bar installations within commercial and industrial spaces. Our services extend beyond installation, encompassing hardware replacement and panic bar repairs. Our commitment is to provide top-tier panic bars at competitive prices, complemented by expert installation. For an in-depth consultation, reach out to our professionals without delay. Your business’s safety is our priority.

Perfect your emergency egress strategy with our tailored panic bar installation. Our specialists craft solutions that prioritize both security and streamlined exit procedures, empowering your space with enhanced safety features

Make evacuations effortless with our premium panic bar installation services. Whether it’s a retail store or an office building, we customize panic hardware solutions that promote rapid and secure exits.

Elevate safety without compromise through cutting-edge panic bar installation. Our advanced panic hardware systems not only ensure compliance but also bolster your premises’ emergency preparedness

Why Choose us?

You should call our staff if you find yourself locked out of your house, whether it’s because you left your keys inside the door or are miles away. Without causing any damage to your property, we will employ sophisticated technology to let you back into your house and reduce your lockout from a serious issue to a small annoyance.


An easy push of the horizontal bar on a panic bar engages the mechanism that releases the latch on the door. Panic push bars are meant to make use simple and eliminate fumbling with conventional doorknobs or handles, which is especially useful in emergency situations.

What is the function of a Panic Bar? In a crowded space, people have a tendency to panic and inundate the closest exit when an emergency occurs. As panic bars make it simple and quick for people to leave, thus there is less chance of confusion and injury.

I can assure you that this gadget offers a very high level of security. The police would arrive much before the thieves could enter your location, even if (and this is a big if) they were able to pry the door open.

Facilities designed for gathering, education, or high-risk activities must have panic bars. The National Fire Protection Agency and the International Building Code both require panic hardware on buildings with occupancy loads of 50 or more persons.

When you hire expert businesses to install a panic bar, installing a high-end vertical rod panic bar might cost you $4100. Rim exit devices cost about $1700, while expert installation of a Mortise exit device might cost up to $2500.

A flat bar is attached to the inside of the door. It will retract the latch mechanism and unlock the door when you push on that flat bar. In an emergency, you can then quickly leave through the door. The push bar’s release mechanism must be activated according to safety norms and regulations.

An exit device usually referred to as panic hardware, is made to allow building residents to leave quickly and easily in an emergency. Panic hardware is usually installed in locations where it is not required by code because of its durability and usability.

A fire exit door can be secured from the outside if it is also to provide security, but it must be equipped with an emergency push bar (or other emergency access device) to enable fast escape.

The terms “panic bar” and “crash bar” were created to explain how, during a mass evacuation due to an emergency, people would crash against the exit doors out of panic. Any building space or room where several people may gather must always have a safe and simple escape option, according to code regulations.

Crash bars and panic devices are other names for panic bars, which are made to comply with life safety regulations. They have a metal bar that is spring-loaded and fixed horizontally to the interior of an egress-opening door. In an emergency, these are used to unlock doors quickly.